Wednesday, October 14, 2009

People ALWAYS Want More

There are different cultures and ways of living all over the world and people see things through different perspectives. I think that one fact that unites us all is that people always want more or want to experience something new. This is because of the “baby dreams” that we want to fulfill, the improvement that we want to reach, and the new things that we want to experience.
Let me begin with the dreams that almost every little girl has had. Most of us, the girls, have dreamed to become famous models, live in a huge house, and have a husband like the one Barbie has. As we grow up, we understand that this is not the highest peak that we can reach. This is just one example and there are a lot more just like that one. People dreaming about something and after that realizing that this is not everything they have wanted. This is a very simple illustration but it shows us very clearly that people are never satisfied with what they have.
Furthermore, since the beginning of life, we have wanted and sought for improvement. If this were not true maybe now we would be living in caves, be happy when it is raining, and when we sit by the fire. Generations have gone through different periods and the goal of every next one is to become better. For instance, our parents were eager to see a black and white television and proud when they had one at home, and now it is a normal thing to have 40-inch colored plasma at home. This is a proof that people always want more and willing to reach more.
Another point worth mentioning is that people always seek for a new experience. All of the extreme shows that are made and the opportunities that are presented show that. People want adrenalin. Haven’t you wanted to get in your car and drive very fast? You do not feel safe but you feel that feeling that goes through your stomach and after you stop, you feel free and satisfied. This way people can feel that they are still alive and do something different from the everyday life which with time becomes boring. People do all of these experiments because they want something different.
This need for improvement is maybe the best part of our lives. If we were satisfied, there will not be any sense in living. People will have the same life everyday and they will get tired of living. The point of life is to enjoy every minute of it because it is not everlasting!

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  1. Mimi :) I find your essay very interesting. You have expressed your thoughts clearly and vividly. My favorite part is the last paragraph, in which you explain what exactly stimulates us, to feel alive. Sentences as:” The point of life is to enjoy every minute of it because it is not everlasting!”, made me think about my life. Also your sentences are perfectly chosen. Their structure helps the reader to understand the message of your essay easily. I believe that your essay would be interesting to your targeted readers, but I believe that it is appealing for all ages.
    Even though, your essay has far more positive aspects then negative, nothing is absolutely perfect. What I did not understand is how you managed to connect the advances in technology, which you mainly discussed in your body paragraphs, and manage to conclude with a paragraph about extreme feelings and experiences.
    To end this on a positive note, I was moved by your essay. I think that you can influence people’s believes with your skills, and this is amazing.

  2. I included the technology part in order to give another example of the things that people want. The feelings and experiences are another example that illustrates my thesis. I hope I made it clear for you:) Thanks for the comment and all of the positive things:))

  3. You're right. Life is only worth living when there is excitement. A goal is important, or no one would have any reason to live.