Monday, November 16, 2009

Unforgettable Moment

A beautiful day. I was in an old classroom. It was obvious that it hadn’t been renovated since the school was built. The room was enormous with pinky-reddish walls with white lines on the bottom. Two of the walls had gigantic windows and when the wind blew strongly, it seemed that they were going to fall down. One of the walls, where the teacher’s desk was, had a green board. It was divided in three and each part was for a different subject. In the middle part there were lines so it was for writing, on the left side there were squares for math, and on the right side there was an empty green space which could be used for whatever the teacher wanted. Everything in this room was very old but I felt nice there. I spent one third of my day there so I had gotten used to this place and the people there. I was sitting next to my best friend in the fourth, last, desk, the one that was farthest away from the teacher’s table. As everything else in the room, the desks were old and wooden and they had a lot of drawings on them. I had biology and for sure this was not one of my favorite subjects because I was not good at it. My favorite one was mathematics and I hated all of the subjects that we had to present a lesson – biology, chemistry, and physics. I hated the part when you have to stand in front of the class and to tell the people what you have actually read in the textbooks.
It was five thirty in the evening and I could see the sun calmly touching the enormous green crowns of the trees. For a moment I was at another place. I was day-dreaming that I was alone, walking on fresh green grass, listening to the silence. At this moment I was alone with my thoughts and I felt that I could do anything I wanted – just like some superhero from the movies. But I had to stay in reality. I looked around – I could see a lot of familiar faces, the ones of my classmates. There was this boy that I liked – his name was Martin. He had fascinating blue eyes, blonde hair and a straight, gorgeous nose. He looked like the little boys from the movies that give the impression of angels and all of the audience is in sympathy with him. There were a lot of other boys and girls – some with brown hair, others with black hair and all had different faces and expression, showing that they were bored or really happy because it was one of the last classes that we had to take for the day, but they were not so vivid. Next to me was Joanna – Maria. She was staring at me, obviously wanting to say something, but at that moment the teacher was looking at us with her strict look which showed that we had to be silent even though she understood that almost nobody liked her subject.
Joanna was not like the others. She had a different style – we were eleven years old and she dressed like the girls that were at the age of seventeen. She had straight, very dark black hair, which seemed to be exhausted from all the products that were put on it, and her eyes were the same color. I think that I liked her just because she was not like the rest of the people at this age. Her notebooks were at first look just normal, but when I looked closely at the pages, I could see a lot of drawings that were marvelous. Maybe I was fascinated by them because I cannot draw or because she really had a talent. One image remained very clearly in my mind – a girl looking in a mirror and seeing a princess there. The girl was nothing special. She wore normal clothes, even a little old-fashioned, her trousers were gone at the knees, and the colors were so many and they did not have anything in common. She was at the age of twenty – twenty-four but her face looked tortured by the time. At the other side of the mirror there was a beautiful blonde princess that looked very joyful and satisfied with her life. This picture had a very deep meaning – it made me think of the fact that almost every little girl dreams to become a princess, married to a beautiful prince, living in an enormous castle and having many magnificent dresses. But when these little girls grow up they see the actual life and understand that life is not only happiness and love but there is reality which sometimes can be cruel and unpleasant.
Our teacher called one of the girls, Tsvetelina, in front of the green board and started asking her questions about the way mammals live and what their respiratory system is. At this moment Joanna – Maria and I knew that we could have a conversation. As before every biology class, we had bought our favorite snack “Hrupanki”. We opened them carefully because we did not want to bother the class. The packet was yellow and orange and there were two slices of its chips that were smiling and holding hands on the front of the packet. In this class we invented the story that these happy pieces on the packet were the two of us. We were used to being together all the time – if we were not together, than we were with our families. And I felt like she was my older sister that was always by my side and could made me feel better and help me.
We were talking about the dream she had had last night. She had been dreaming that there were a lot of enormous, black spiders that had long hair on their legs. After that she had woken up and had not slept till the sun rose. This was because she hated spiders and this was the only thing that she was afraid of. I remember my fears too – all different kinds of insects, the dark, strange people, the malicious people from the children stories. I was afraid almost of everything that a little girl could be afraid of. But Joanna was not like me – her fear was of spiders. We continued talking till the end of the period and we were discussing things that were not actually important - we were just relaxing.
I felt that this hour I was carried away in my dreams and memories because I felt better and safer there. I wanted this moment to last forever even though it was in a biology class that I actually hated. I was feeling calm and I had my best friend by my side and my parents waiting for me at home. The bell rang, everyone smiled because it was the end of the school day but I could not smile…
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