Wednesday, October 14, 2009

People ALWAYS Want More

There are different cultures and ways of living all over the world and people see things through different perspectives. I think that one fact that unites us all is that people always want more or want to experience something new. This is because of the “baby dreams” that we want to fulfill, the improvement that we want to reach, and the new things that we want to experience.
Let me begin with the dreams that almost every little girl has had. Most of us, the girls, have dreamed to become famous models, live in a huge house, and have a husband like the one Barbie has. As we grow up, we understand that this is not the highest peak that we can reach. This is just one example and there are a lot more just like that one. People dreaming about something and after that realizing that this is not everything they have wanted. This is a very simple illustration but it shows us very clearly that people are never satisfied with what they have.
Furthermore, since the beginning of life, we have wanted and sought for improvement. If this were not true maybe now we would be living in caves, be happy when it is raining, and when we sit by the fire. Generations have gone through different periods and the goal of every next one is to become better. For instance, our parents were eager to see a black and white television and proud when they had one at home, and now it is a normal thing to have 40-inch colored plasma at home. This is a proof that people always want more and willing to reach more.
Another point worth mentioning is that people always seek for a new experience. All of the extreme shows that are made and the opportunities that are presented show that. People want adrenalin. Haven’t you wanted to get in your car and drive very fast? You do not feel safe but you feel that feeling that goes through your stomach and after you stop, you feel free and satisfied. This way people can feel that they are still alive and do something different from the everyday life which with time becomes boring. People do all of these experiments because they want something different.
This need for improvement is maybe the best part of our lives. If we were satisfied, there will not be any sense in living. People will have the same life everyday and they will get tired of living. The point of life is to enjoy every minute of it because it is not everlasting!

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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Favorite Destination

Since my partner from Kentucky is interested in traveling, I would like to write about my favorite tour out of my home country. The destination is SPAIN. At first, I was not very excited for this trip but on my way home I felt in some way that I cannot describe. I do not think that there are words strong enough to express this feeling. I felt happy that I am going back home, because after all that is my favorite place on Earth, but at the same time I felt a little sad that I have left that magnificent place. But I will try to describe it and most of all: Barcelona.
The first thing that I was fascinated by was the architecture. The buildings are extremely beautiful and most of them are built up in the old, gothic style. I prefer this style because I think that it keeps some kind of mystery in itself. It reminds me of kings and queens, their majesty and glorious way of life. The way in which the buildings are situated is very unusual. There is no house constructed on a corner that has an angle of ninety degree. If you look at Barcelona from high above, you will see a gorgeous picture where all of the streets have smooth, rounded curves.

The second thing is the monuments which are numerous: Sagrada Familia, Plaza Catalunya, Plaza Real, Park Guell, The Palau Guell, La Pedrera Casa Mila, The Singing Fountains, The Market, and many others. My favorite one is Sagrada Familia. It is an enormous building which was constructed by Antonio Gaudi, who is very famous for designing a lot of legendary places in Spain. Throughout the whole time of the building up nobody knew who the constructor was because Gaudi did not want to be recognized by the people. One day, while he was walking to see what was going on with his masterpiece, a train hit him and he went to a hospital. He died there and just before that told the people who he was. The construction of this building is still going on and it should be ready in a few years. My other favorite place is The Palau Guell. This is the place where Antonia Gaudi had lived. He had made it only for him and the people needed to take care of the park. It is very relaxing and beautiful. I went there very early in the morning and I saw Barcelona on the background of the rising sun. It was breathtaking. The interesting fact here is that among all of the beautiful and rich building that are there, Antonia Gaudi had lived in the smallest one which looks very poorly. From all the stories that I heard about this man, I can say that he is pretty strange.
You should visit Barcelona for sure! Walk down La Rambla, visit a traditional small restaurant, with a lot of flowers and many kind and smiling people, go to all of the monuments and feel the spirit there!

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