Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Priceless Experience

Since this is my last year at the American College of Sofia, I decided to write a little bit about the pleasant and the not-so-good experiences. Even though that there are a lot of rules that we have to follow, which we dislike very much, we have gone through countless unforgettable moments, learnt more about ourselves and life as a whole, and met people that have changed us and we are going to remember forever.
Every year there is something new happening – new sections, teachers, people, and rules. I study German as a second foreign language and because of that I am never able to be in the same section with my close friends but I have found the profitable side of this situation – I meet new people. And these people are quite interesting because they are unlike the ones I go out every day with. The situation about the teachers is a little bit different because just at the time when I get used to someone, the administration changes the teacher. For example, every year I have a different teacher in Bulgarian and that is not very pleasant because just at the time that I get used to this teacher and her expectation, the year ends and the next one they assign us a new one. Most of the times I like the change because I believe that there is something more to learn from every new professor. Throughout all of these changes and lessons, I believe that I have found myself – I have learnt more about whom I actually am and where I am standing in this enormous world.
My friends also helped me to discover who I am and to realize that there are people who are actually worth it. There are a lot of people that I have believed that are my friends, will be there for me, and I have been ready to do anything for them but then seen their worse face. I believe that a person should have seen the ugly in order to recognize the beautiful and now I can see how beautiful my friends actually are. They are like my second family because I spend every day with them at school and every Friday and Saturday night we go out together somewhere. Sometimes we feel like we are so uncreative and go to the same places over and over again but there is always someone who has a brilliant idea. Most of the people do not actually like them because they are too loud sometimes and like to go out. We barely talk about school in front of the others because when we are at school we can’t wait for the weekend to begin. Because of that some people make the wrong conclusion that we do not care which actually is not true. We understand how important school is but we know how to have fun and spend time together. I love them but I cannot say that they are perfect: we have had our fights and the “not talking” periods but after all everything ends up perfectly.
Even though we criticize the teachers and the school because sometimes we have so many assignments to do and so many sleepless nights, I am going to miss the atmosphere and the whole experience. Despite the whole drama, gossip and quarrels, I am going to miss my close friends and I hope that we will keep in touch. I am used to this way of living and this routine but I have to move on and meet new expectations and understand that now I am further from childhood and closer to the life of a grown-up person. The experience at the ACS was beautiful, with both good and bad moments; it went away like a few days in my life. When I think of it a big smile appears on my face and I can feel little tears in my eyes because I do not want to let go…
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I attached a video with one of the songs that I connect with my friends. We say that this is our song. I am always going to be there for them when they need me and even when they do not. I chose exactly this video because the lyrics can be seen and there are pictures that symbolize friendship


  1. Maria,
    I really loved your post. I like the topic. It is the small piece of nostalgia that each and every one of us should feel since the year of our graduation had came. It is 2010 and after I read your post I realized that we have only 4 months left. Time passes too quickly.
    I liked the style of your work. It is in modern English; you do not have any spelling or grammar mistakes. I guess that is what happens when you put your heart into a work: it becomes perfect.
    I liked the way you described the school and the lifestyle. You are so right. I really like the sentence "Sometimes we are so uncreative but there is always someone with a genius idea". It reminds me of so many memories in front of CCS. Your work made me too sensitive so I can not write a lot. It is perfect for me and I believe it is perfect anyway.
    I want to thank you for this little nostalgic moment that you gave me, as well as for the 4 years and 8 months we have had together by now. I love you, blond!

  2. Antonichkaaa!!!
    Thank you:)
    You are right. I wrote it with a lot of love and nostalgia. When we were together on New Year I could not believe that this was the begining of the year that we graduate;/
    I want to thank you, too... and I lovve you!!

  3. Maria :))
    I also loved your piece.. it truly made a summery of what our high school experience was. I really like that you have shown bits and pieces of the good, and also of the bad moments we shared :) But I also agree with you that the memories, which we would take are priceless